Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Matchmaking vs Dating Sites

Matchmaking vs Dating Sites: who is cornering the market.

Janis Spindel launched the first ever online matchmaking site by offering its community an opportunity to network online with the touch of old school matchmaking.

Members are given full access to search for like minded members in their regions and do three things...

Video chat
Meet at "Ashley Suggests" places off line using partners like Yelp.

All this for a one time $25 approval fee to belong to Janis Spindel's VIP Men's Virtual Lounge.

(75 percent of all applicants are accepted and its opened to all races, sexes, religions, and sexual preferences by Janis Spindel gay online matchmaking division)

Since its a matchmaking site run by live matchmakers, approval is based on just that...Janis, Ashley and her staff must feel each member is commitment and marriage minded before they are approved and then charged $25. Those are her rules.

Janis and Ashley give its members a one year full access pass (two years until further notice since they are new) and then their profiles are purged.

"Since people to come to me to get married, I will continue to provide that service online."