Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dating Tips Level 302- How to Date More Men- Lose Your List

Dating tips level 302- date more men- lose your list, will show you step by step the process to lose your list and increase the number of dates and the availability of men to date.

It’s all connected to this Pre-Planned List we carry in our back pocket. This list describes your non-negotiable things and how you use it to chase off potentially great guys that might lead to marriage.

This list governs your dating scene. It prevents you from dating more men.

Logically, everyone has a list, from high school to the golden years.

The younger you are, the smaller this list. When you have been married and have a family, your dating list is much larger with non-negotiable preventing your chance of meeting someone.

You got this list when you first knew about boys. It grew and continually grows the older you get.

The ugly truth is, the hard cold facts are: if you want to date more men, lose parts of your list.

Your first step is finding some who is close to yourself, the opposite sex. Ladies, find a guy who is the male version of you.

Next step, everything else small, lose. There you have it. Short, sweet and right to the point.

As a counter offer, on the flip side of the equation, don't throw your entire list out the window and run off and marry someone from the other part of the Country and melt into and become absorbed into a lifestyle you never dreamed or imagined before. Long term, that won't work.

The probability that magic happens when you lose your list is very high, which allows you to date more men. When men also lose parts of their list, a synergy happens.

It’s a matter of increasing your possibilities and odds.
The pool of men to date just increased exponentially.

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Janis Spindel

Monday, September 28, 2009

Dating Tips Level 301. The 7 Dating Tips Process to Getting Second and Third Dates

For those of you who find yourself wanting to date more often, there are several dating tips for you to consider.

First, ask yourself what problems you are having. Is it dates with new guys, second and third dates with each guy, or a combination of the two?

Then think to yourself, what does it mean. If you are only going out once with many guys, then it might be one of several variables that you must be aware of and address seriously.

Either way, I follow the professional dating tips rules by telling women to go out with a guy 3 times before you make your decision. Give it three dates because logically, one of these situations may apply and he might not be himself and you might not ever get to really see him for who he is.

He might not be himself because he might have had a tough day at the office. He might have a sick family member that day, or he just might be nervous and acting funny.

Guys are shy in the beginning so give it three dates before you dump him. However, if you are only getting one date with a lot of guys and it's not your choice, in other words, the guys are not calling you back and asking you out again, then consider what you are talking about on the first date.

Do you talk about the two of you together some time in the future? That could be a deal breaker right there. Do you talk about the second date as if he already asked you out? Or, are you making the golden mistake most women make, they talk about their X on the first date.

Write down each situation and what you said and be aware and see if you can eliminate some of the variables that can increase the percentage of second and third dates you get from each guy.

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