Sunday, February 9, 2014

VP of Matchmaking for Janis Spindel Takes on Women

Carly Spindel, the new VP of matchmaking for Janis Spindel will be taking on women clients. Janis decided that there are way to many women who want to find a successful marriage minded man but she is to busy with her men clients. That's where Carly will be stepping up to the plate. Read the full article here.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dating Tips Process Launches Free Downloads by Janis Spindel University

Dating tips process creates Janis Spindel University downloads for free. Download them now and listen in the comfort of your home or on the run. Additionally, Carly and Janis Spindel will translate them into any language. Furthermore, if you own an online dating site or are a matchmaker and want free customized Janis Spindel Univeristy courses, please email Carly Spindel at: Thank you and enjoy. Click here to download the complimentary courses. Aspen Atlanta Baltimore Boston Charlotte Chicago Connecticut D.C. Florida Hawaii Houston Indiana Los Angeles Las Vegas Memphis Michigan Minnesota Montreal New York New Jersey Oklahoma Philadelphia Rhode Island San Diego Seatle San Francisco St. Louis Tampa Toronto Vancouver

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Janis Spindel School of Attraction

Please join me in my new School of Attraction to learn how you can find the love of your life. I will show you step by step life transforming techniques. REGISTER NOW LIMITED SPACE. Click here

Friday, March 30, 2012

2LoveToday Online Dating: The Brainchild of Professional Matchmaker Janis Spindel

2Love Today Online Dating Inc. just launched its new beta test site using both a free and paid business model and is working to integrate gamification like incentives such as achievements into its online dating platform.

“We got smart about building this concept into 2Love Today online dating and thereby leveraging our virtual connections. We built incentives into our platform that helps members get recognized and rewarded for being active with free premium upgrades,” a spokesman for 2Love Today claims.

visit 2Love Today to register, search and contact members for free. Dating Diva USA Click here  Asia Matchmaking  eAsian Love  Asian American Matchmaking  Korean American Matchmaking  Matchmaker Korea  Matchmaker Asia  eKorean Love  Asian Matchmaker  Korean Matchmaking   Asian Love Match  Korean Marriage  Janis Spindel Blog  Janis Spindel Wordpress Blog  Dating Diva USA  Janis Spindel University Digital Downloads  ASK Janis Spindel  Janis Spindel VIP Men's Lounge  VIP Men's Lounge  Matchmaker Spindel  Matchmakers Logical Locations 2 Pick Up Men  Dating Tips Process  SEO Solution Confessions of a Matchmaker Janis Spindel School Of Attraction The Dating Den

Monday, February 13, 2012

New York Matchmaking Service Launches Online Dating for Free

Online Dating Site
New York Matchmaking Service Launches Online Dating for free.

If you know Janis Spindel, you will know that this won't be your average
online dating site.  Janis and her team have worked very hard to develop
a site that combines the simplicity of communicating online, yet the
convenient benefit of having a personal matchmaker oversee and guide you through the process.

2lovetoday will provide all current members with an ADDITIONAL
opportunity to meet with professionally screened, upscale individuals.

Our expectations and guidelines still remain as prestigious as that of
our personal one on one matchmaking service.

If you are interested in joining us, we encourage all of our members to
sign up immediately for a FREE membership!

Please visit 2Love Today and submit a personal profile with us!
Feel free to pass along this link to any of your single friends!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ask Janis Spindel

Ask Janis Spindel your most burning questions and she will answer you.

ASK Janis

Friday, February 11, 2011

Matchmaking vs Dating Sites

Matchmaking vs Dating Sites: who is cornering the market.

Janis Spindel launched the first ever online matchmaking site by offering its community an opportunity to network online with the touch of old school matchmaking.

Members are given full access to search for like minded members in their regions and do three things...

Video chat
Meet at "Ashley Suggests" places off line using partners like Yelp.

All this for a one time $25 approval fee to belong to Janis Spindel's VIP Men's Virtual Lounge.

(75 percent of all applicants are accepted and its opened to all races, sexes, religions, and sexual preferences by Janis Spindel gay online matchmaking division)

Since its a matchmaking site run by live matchmakers, approval is based on just that...Janis, Ashley and her staff must feel each member is commitment and marriage minded before they are approved and then charged $25. Those are her rules.

Janis and Ashley give its members a one year full access pass (two years until further notice since they are new) and then their profiles are purged.

"Since people to come to me to get married, I will continue to provide that service online."