Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dating Advice: Things I Can Live Without

This section of Janis Spindel’s dating advice course was really hard for me because I don’t like to give anything up. The top 3 things I can live without are: taking taxi’s, going out to dinner during the week, and seeing movies in theaters. In an effort to make a social budget for myself, I had to cut back on some costs to allow money for my new beauty budget. If I only take taxi’s Friday and Saturday nights, go out to dinner only on the weekends, and stop seeing movies in the theater, I will save a lot of money! This course is all about prioritizing, and lets face it, it is much more important to make sure my hair and nails look great than to take a cab. The subway is a great place to meet people – and with my hair and nails in perfect shape I’m sure to feel very approachable.
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dating Tips

Woman to Test and Chronicle Mother’s Dating Advice on Herself, Then Turn Virtual Cupid

Carly Spindel plans to embark on a six-week program to find the perfect man. She will be testing out a course developed by her mother, Janis Spindel, America’s top matchmaker with two decades of experience. Then, she plans to challenge single women around the world to try the course for themselves.

'The reigning queen of the matchmaking world' (New York Times Magazine) shows women how to meet, date, and keep the man of their dreams.

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 10, 2010 -- Carly Spindel is searching for the man of her dreams and plans to follow dating advice developed by her famous mother, America’s top matchmaker and author, Janis Spindel. Carly believes in her mother’s approach to love so much that she left her current job to begin her search for the perfect man. While completing this course, she will be documenting all of her experiences so women around the world can share in her pursuit for the right man. Carly’s mom, Janis Spindel, wrote the book, ‘Get Serious About Getting Married - 365 Proven Ways To Find Love In Less Than A Year’ and from this book, Janis has developed her six-week dating series.

Carly Spindel to embark on dating advice tips developed by her mother, matchmaker Janis Spindel.

“I want to find a fabulous man to fall in love with and realized there was no better person to help me than my mom. Not only has she had close to 900 successful marriages, but she also owns the minds of men,” says Carly. “I believe in Janis' dating advice so much that I know that living out the dating tips in her book will help me find the man of my dreams.”

Carly will be coached by Janis herself and will use Janis' 6 week course as a lesson plan for her quest for love. Janis will be giving her feedback and changes to make each week, and Carly will be blogging about her adventures. Women across all nations will be able to see how Carly is living Janis Spindel's dating course and will have a chance to get involved.

Once Carly completes the six-week dating manual, she will be looking for 12 women in different countries who want to be involved in serious relationships and try Janis’ program. Carly will personally coach the chosen women and give them a chance to learn from her mistakes, using her experience to replicate the six-week course.
Carly will be the love guru for these women. They will be sharing all of their experiences, using their first names only, and Carly will give them suggestions to better their journey. At the end of each week, Carly will be assessing their progress. Daters will re-group with Carly to create and discuss their goals for the following week. Her select group of 12 women will receive coaching through podcasts, Skype, and other internet forums. They will have the opportunity to communicate with other women and ask Carly as many questions as they desire.

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About Carly:
Carly Spindel is on a mission to pioneer the matchmaking industry. The young cupid applies proven dating tips and dating advice tested on herself to redefine the dating game and teach women across the globe how to find happiness. Carly constantly counsels her friends in every stage of their relationships. Her honesty and blunt advice is something that makes her unique. Carly is always on the go and can usually be found at her favorite cafe in New York enjoying chocolate mousse while people watching, which is one of her favorite hobbies.

Carly previously worked at Shape Magazine, the leading magazine in the Active Lifestyle category. She was more interested in learning about her coworker’s relationship failures and successes than the standard responsibilities associated with her job. That's when Carly knew it was time to leave her job and help women all across the globe.

Born and raised in New York City, Carly went to Syracuse University and studied political science. Always a social butterfly, she met two amazing men she now calls her most recent ex-boyfriends. Carly is a world traveler who has lived in Paris and London. She has dated all different types of men, most recently a Russian entrepreneur who she used to jet off to meet in Moscow for long weekends. Carly will now use her passion of writing to take a once in a life time opportunity to live her mother's two decades of matchmaking skills. She will chronicle her adventures for all girls who want to live through her courage.

About Janis:
As America’s top matchmaker and two-time national bestselling author, Janis has been quoted as “owning the minds of men.” Her dating advice has been responsible for nearly 900 marriages and hundreds of serious relationships and wants you to be her next success story.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dating Advice and Dating Tips for Women

Do You Believe in Love? Matchmakers Daughter Believes in Love So Much That She Quit Her Job to Test Her Mother’s Dating Advice on Herself!

Carly Spindel plans to embark on a six-week program to find the perfect man. She will be testing out a course developed by her mother, Janis Spindel, Americas top matchmaker with two decades of experience. Then, she plans to challenge single women around the world to try the COURSE for themselves.